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Why do you need a separate travel insurance ?


- The basic cover provided by an EU CEAM is not sufficient :

this will not cover private medical health care or costs such as sports rescue or being flown home in an emergency and this will not help if traveling outside Europe ...

The European CEAM card from CPAM or SSI gives no more than the cover as a resident of the visited country .

- The top up "mutuelle" will stricly follow the EU CEAM cover ... ( and maybe less ... )

- The CREDIT CARD includes travel insurance but its cover will only apply up to a limited amount which is not sufficient for travelling in the US for instance ... ( a single day in hospital could cost up to € 7,500 )


So if travelling to a country where healthcare is expensive, private separate cover is advisable.

About other aspects of travel cover, neither Visa nor Matsercard, will cover cancellation of a holiday or maybe with a strictly limited list of reasons ...

However you are traveling outside the EU, taking expensive belongings, taking part in sports or travelling for extended periods, it makes sense to consider buying the best travel insurance.

Annual worldwide Assistance cover (including USA) for a couple : € 184

  • Single trip or annual multi-trip insurance including medical, repatriation  and insurance covers for luggages, personal liability,   legal assistance ...
  • European or worldwide cover including USA


We repatriate you to France only : home transportation when medically essentia

Emergency medical expenses

Emergency help to provide medical help and assistance


Loss or theft of luggages up to € 3 000


Cancellation can be a permanent or a temporary cover : call us before signing for your next trip ! 

Sports activities

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