How to cancel an insurance contract

 All French contracts are automaticaly renewed each year .
Many cancellation must give 2 or 3 months notice ("préavis").
 You must  consider the renewal date called "Echéance principale " or " Echéance anniversaire" . This date  is always written on your last policy.
Cancellation must mainly be sent with a recorded delivery letter "Lettre recommandée"
And date of payment can be different of renewall ....
Let us deal with it !
 If you miss that "préavis", the contract may be cancelled within 20 days after the renewal document is sent by the previous insurer ( keep the stamped enveloppe ! )
 Some contracts can now be cancelled without this notice but only after one year of insurance.
This is allowed by Loi Hamon ( 01/2015 ).
This concerns only Car / motorcycle insurance and House insurance   
    * Cancellation must be made only by the new insurer for House renters and Car because those are obligatory
    * Other contracts can be canceled simply by you
    * Health insurance is not involved into this Loi Hamon
  Some "small" non obligatory contracts can be cancelled without any "préavis"
Advice : To be sure, ask your Agent to deal with that job for you !
We will do it with pleasure and no charge .