How to Register a car in France


 European law states that if you import a car in a country where you intend to be your main residence, you must change the plates.


To get French plates, you must have a CERTIFICAT D'IMMATRICULATION ( previously Carte grise ).

To obtain this document, you must visit website service or a special shop as SERVICE CARTE GRISE ( Le Luc -  close to LIDL ) with the following documents :

     - Demande de certificat d'immatriculation  ( cerfa 13750 ) 

     - Certificate of conformity from the French branch of the maker (evidence that the car complies with French rules)

    - Previous foreign registration documents
    - Quitus fiscal about VAT tax (modèle 1993 VT REC) : Visit Centre des Impôts
    - French "M.O.T " (Contrôle technique)‎ if the car is more than 4 years old ( AUTOSUR gives a discount for Aviva clients )
    - Passport
    - Last invoice from EDF or another proof of address

    -  your Credit card ...


Main units for car tax assessment are "chevaux fiscaux"

Fees are based on where you live, the age of the vehicule and the CO2 emissions. Here is the estimate : estimate

BE CAREFUL : You can no longer visit PREFECTURE or SOUS PREFECTURE !!!


This process can be far more complicated is the car is a specific one ( collection car ... ).


Then, remember to keep the DVLA informed !


 To get Quitus fiscal

You absolutely need this document in order to re register the car in France.

It is the evidence showing that the car complies with French VAT rules . 

You will get it for free but you must VISIT the Centre des impôts with :  

  • Invoice or Certificat de cession for 2nd hand car ( Cerfa 13751-02 )
  • Previous registration documents
  • ID document
  • Last EDF invoice